RMS Gate Trouble Shooting.Linux RPi

Updated 13 March 2017

Charles S. Schuman, K4GBB

The rmschanstat file

The RMS Gate software requires the verification of a properly configured and operational ax.25 port. It does this via a script named rmschanstat located in /usr/local/bin/.

In the case that you need to modify this script to accommodate your hardware or software it is suggested that you that you rename your file and edit the channels.xml file to point to your customized file. This will keep an update install from replacing it.

Rmschanstat can be run from the command line for trouble shooting purposes.

rmschanstat <type> <name> <call>

rmschanstat ax25 0 W4XYZ

Note that the call is in uppercase. The rmschanstat script is case sensitive.

Error Messages

"channel {NAME} unavailable"

Check to see that {name} in /etc/rmsgw/channels.xml and the port name in /etc/ax25/axports are the same.

cat /etc/ax25/axports

# Port Callsign Baud PacLen MaxFram Discreptions
0 N4TPO-1 19200 256 5 Radio - 145.030 MHz

less /etc/rmsgw/channels.xml|grep "channel name"

<channel name="0" type="ax25" active="yes">

"port {NAME} unavailable"

Check to see if there is a device attached to port {name} by reading the output of the command.

ps ax | grep kissattach

7443 ? S 0:00 /usr/local/sbin/kissattach /dev/pts/0 0

"interface with {ip} unavailable"

Check to see that there address {ip} for the proc with named port.
Check to see if you have more that one device with the same IP address. Each port should have a unique ip-address

ps ax | grep

7443 ? S 0:00 /usr/local/sbin/kissattach /dev/pts/0 0

status for interface {INTERFACE[0]} unavailable"

Check the status of the {interface}.
Where type is ax25. Read the output of the command

netstat --ax25

Active AX.25 sockets
Dest       Source     Device  State        Vr/Vs    Send-Q  Recv-Q
*          K4GBB-10   ax0     LISTENING    000/000  0       0     
The type should match the type= element of channel named in channels.xml. The type is usually ax25.
The script looks for a entry that matches the call-ssid from channels.xml, the device and that the status is LISTENING. Lack of a LISTENING entry usually indicates that ax25d is not running or the ax25d.conf file does not contain a configuration block for the call-ssid of the RMS Gate.

Note If you have more than one channel defined in channels.xml each channels is checked and the script reports on the status of each channel.


The RMS log is usually located in /var/log/rms.There are several levels of logging
(see the RMS Gate Install manual)

The most common Errors are:

Not Authorized

This means that your call has not been coordinated with WL2K or that the coordinator has disabled your access If you have upgraded a previously active station you may not have the authmod in gateway.conf set to SGL.

Incorrect Password

Check the password element of channels.xml.
The password is case sensitive.

CMS Error Codes

This is not a complete list of the networking errors. The most commonly seen is Error = 111.

100 Network is down
101 Network is unreachable
102 Network dropped connection because of reset
103 Software caused connection abort
104 Connection reset by peer
105 No buffer space available
106 Transport endpoint is already connected
107 Transport endpoint is not connected
108 Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown
109 Too many references: cannot splice
110 Connection timed out
111 Connection refused - The CMS is down/unavailable
112 Host is down
113 No route to host